With more than 20 years of experience in goods manufacturing, TLR Joint Stock Joint Venture Company has set the highest standards for quality and value since establishment. Our experienced staff in the manufacturing industry has guided the company to manufacture medical equipment meeting the demands of markets requiring the highest quality standards: ISO 13485, ISO 9001:2015, EN: 14683, FDA, CE, TUV standards.

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Our Commitments

We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction by understanding our customers needs and fulfilling their requirements through continuous improvement of our products, services and quality management systems

Product Management

Product Management icon.png TLR Venture Joint Stock Company’s products always comply with the standards of the markets selling them. In addition to the basic information marked on the product, we always conduct a test called quality assessment for each newly manufactured batch of products and carefully note all information about the product. After passing the quality test, product packaging must comply with the rules and requirements of each type of product before being delivered to customers.

Continuous Improvement

As an ISO 13485, ISO 9001:2015, registered company, TLR is committed to providing high quality products. TLR always strives for continuous improvement in our operations as well as those of our suppliers. We expect our suppliers to have a strong quality system and to demonstrate the commitment to continuous improvement from front-line management to back-line operations and sales.

Commitment To Comply

TLR is committed to fully and completely comply with all local and state regulations on transport, safety handling and use of raw materials in production. We expect our suppliers to share, commit to adhere to all regulations and best practices in the industry

Safe and Healthy Environment

TLR is committed to always maintaining safety standards for health and the environment. The maintenance of a safe and efficient work environment is one of the activities essential to our success and is indeed the foundation of the TLR’s safety management program.


Not only do we focus on product quality, we also care about improving customer service quality from the contacting process to exchanging information, ordering, delivering, etc. In order to bring customers a positive experience, each TLR member should comply to the following principles:

Satisfy the needs

Satisfy the needs is a fundamental requirement for a positive customer experience. Customer service quality is demonstrated via maintaining interaction with customers based on key points and customers’ requirements associated with the company’s products.

Prioritise customers

Each order starts with the identification of the customer’s main requirements including schedule, design, cost, quantity, etc. In some cases, it may be necessary to compromise one of them to complete the order. Our staff work hard to understand the requirements, they are very concerned about the order from the very beginning and frequently keep in touch to update on the progress, making sure that these requirements don’t change.

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